Bus Policies

Bus Rules

  1. Animals are prohibited on the bus. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the charter bus company.
  2. No alcohol, smoking, gum and/or seeds can be consumed on the bus.
  3. Do not distract the driver.
  4. Be considerate of your fellow passengers.
  5. Do not place heavy objects in the overhead racks.
  6. Take everything that you brought with you off the bus.
  7. Before debarking, please clean up the area around your seat, and put all trash into the trash bags provided.

Luggage limits and loading

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your trip (there is no refund), you may sell your ticket but only to a registered Cornell student. You must email us the name, email, and phone # of your replacement ASAP. It is also your responsibility to provide your replacement with the information concerning departure/arrival. Please notify us of any change, since we board by passenger list. All changes must be confirmed by CB-Bus to be effective. If you have purchased a ticket, but have decided not to ride the bus, you must email us and let us know ASAP.

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